“Vanguard Adventures”

July 2023 – September 2023

“Vanguard Adventures” is our newly introduced organized play support to provide an outlet for players with zero or limited access to hobby stores to play in tournaments. Whenever a player purchases a Booster Box, the player will be given 1 ticket by the store, which they can use to host their own tournament anywhere and anytime. Simply scan the unique QR code on the ticket to host a tournament with a total of 4 players, where players can then play to be rewarded with “Vanguard Adventures” PR cards!

Participant “Vanguard Adventures”

Winner “Vanguard Adventures”

Participant "Vanguard Adventures"
Winner "Vanguard Adventures"

The following below are the steps for you to be an “Vanguard Adventures”:


Purchase Product


Scan QR


Find Friends


Host a Tournament


Get Rewarded